ACE Pathways Project: Therapeutic catharsis in digital storytelling

Ferrari, M., Rice., C., & McKenzie, K. (2015). ACE Pathways Project: Therapeutic catharsis in digital storytelling. Psychiatric Services, 66(5), 556. Retrieved from



The Retracing African, Caribbean, and European (ACE) Pathways Project is the knowledge dissemination platform for the ACE Pathways to Care Study, which investigated pathways that persons of African, Caribbean, and European descent took from onset of their first episode of psychosis to treatment in an early-intervention program in Toronto, Ontario. The Retracing ACE Pathways Project used digital stories as a knowledge transfer tool. People with lived experience of psychosis, their family members, and frontline staff working in early-intervention programs participated in a three-day digital storytelling workshop. Digital stories are three- to five-minute videos produced with a mix of voiceover, music, and images to convey first-person narratives. These videos capture the complexity and subjective experiences of participants’ journeys to and first encounters with care.