Mobilizing New Meanings of Disability and Difference Articles


We'd first like to thank our funders The Gender and Health Institute of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). We also acknowledge the Center for Digital Storytelling for providing early training in digital storytelling methods, the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University for the generous donation of accessible workshop space, the University of Guelph for support of our methods, and Tangled Arts + Disability, whose funding assisted us in pushing the boundaries of the digital storytelling genre. We also want to thank workshop facilitators Eliza Chandler, jes sachse, Manuela Ferrari, Lindsay Fisher, Fran Odette, Lorna Renooy, Tanya Workman, Janna Brown, Liz Brockest, Hannah Fowlie, Ingrid Mundel, and Rani Sanderson, and the artists and storytellers who participated in our many workshops held throughout the province of Ontario. We especially wish to thank Dawn Matheson and Kimber Sider, who captioned the films and who coached us in the art of audio recording and Wanda Fitzgerald, who undertook the audio description.

Project Re•Vision: Disability at the edges of representation

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Pedagogical Possibilities For Unruly Bodies 

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Imagining Disability Futurities

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Aging with and into Disability: Futurities of New Materialism

(Under Review). Aging with and into Disability: Futurities of New Materialism

Living Artfully with and in Illness

Rice, C., P. Douglas, A. Siddiqui (Under Review). Living Artfully with and in Illness.

Cultivating Disability Arts in Ontario

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Difference Within and Without: Healthcare Providers' Engagement with Disability Arts

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