A short video that introduces some of the work done through Project ReVision/REDLAB

Special thanks to all the storytellers from the March 2016 University of Guelph Digital Storytelling workshop for agreeing to be interviewed and profiled in this video.

Thanks also to the storytellers and facilitators from the following workshops for use of their images:

Storying Inuit Futures, Mobilizing Inuit Cultural Heritage (SSHRC), October 2015

Through Thick and Thin: Investigating Body Image and Body Management among Queer Women in Southern Ontario (Womens' Health Xchange), November - December 2015

Powerhouse Project Young Carer Digital Storytelling Workshop, (Ontario Change Foundation), August 2016

This video was made by Erin MacIndoe Sproule and Sara Wilde in collaboration with Michelle Peek, Kimber Sider, and Ingrid Mündel.