FRAN 6200 Co-Design Graduate Course Re-Thinking the Human • Professor Carla Rice


Interested in collaboratively developing a graduate course? Earning credit for creating a co-designed course? Contributing to new directions in conceptualizing the human? Participating in critical approaches to teaching and learning?

In this course, we engage with emerging directions and critical dialogues in the inter- and trans-disciplinary study of the “human”. We collectively determine course topics, pedagogy, and assessment methods. This allows us to centre professor/student collaboration in innovative ways that open up space for all to actively engage in teaching and learning. Fusing critical pedagogy, methodology and theory, the course provides a unique opportunity for students to become immersed in new directions in theory and gain greater familiarity with emergent methods for understanding the vast diversity of human experience. Emphasis is placed on student research interests and on emergent notions of the human and of human experience as becoming.

This is an open topics course. I invite interested students to come to an organizational meeting on Tuesday May 21, 2019 @ 2pm. This is the first of two meetings together (prior to Fall 2019 when the course runs). We will decide on topics, determine readings, develop assignments and modes of assessment, think about pedagogy, and come up with learning goals and objectives. Possible areas for exploration include the following:

❖ Critical, Feminist, Indigenous, and Disability Pedagogies
❖ Intersectional Approaches to Research
❖ Introduction to Queer, Disability and Fat Studies
❖ Decolonizing Feminist, Gender, Sex and Sexuality Studies
❖ Post-structuralist/New Materialist Theories of Bodies and Subjects
❖ Re-thinking Difference and the Human
❖ Theorizing Space and Time
❖ Introduction to Affect Theory
❖ Critical Child and Aging Studies
❖ Technology-Human Relations

This collective process of creating something that was meaningful for both self and others was an incredible launch pad . . . tapping into my curiosities, and expanding my theorizing abilities inside and outside of my discipline.
— Former Student

This course starts in September 2019, running on Thursdays from 8:30AM - 11:30AM. The time will change depending on student schedules. Enrolment is limited to 15. To enroll, students must participate in course design.

Tuesday May 21, 2019 @ 2pm (to 5pm)
LOCATION: Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice | University of Guelph | 70 Trent Lane | Blackwood Hall NORTH ENTRANCE (Rm 103)
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IMPORTANT: Read the attached “Becoming Scholars in an Interdisciplinary, Feminist Learning Context” written by former students about their experiences in this class! Do not hesitate to email with questions.

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